Effective January 1, 2001, Eppendorf Scientific and Brinkmann Instruments are merged into one company—Brinkmann Instruments, Inc. The joining of Eppendorf Scientific with the existing Dealer Organization of Brinkmann forms the new Brinkmann Instruments BioSystems Division.

Eppendorf Scientific’s full line of Eppendorf products for molecular and cell biology, such as purification kits and reagents, innovative PCR products, and advanced systems for cell biology applications, are integrated into Brinkmann’s broad range of products from Binder, Büchi®, Lauda®, Eppendorf®, Metrohm®, Seward, and Tuttnauer.

All Eppendorf Scientific products and applications are now located on the Brinkmann Instruments website. If you do not get redirected,