New impulses for outstanding transfection

Eppendorf® proudly presents the Multiporator®, an innovative electroporation system utilizing Soft Pulse™ Technology..Soft Pulse Technology is a combination of patented electronically-regulated pulses in the microsecond range and gentler hypoosmolar buffer system, which ensures optimum transfection rates during highly-demanding eukaryotic transfection (developed in cooperation with Prof. U. Zimmermann, University of Würzburg, Germany).
The Multiporator can be adapted modularly to suit the task at hand (electroporation of human and animal cells, plants, bacteria and yeast as well as electrofusion.Common disadvantages, such as costly accessories, awkward cables or complicated operating procedures, are now a thing of the past. The Multiporator combines high efficiency with flexibility, a compact design and the utmost in user safety.
  • Pulse parameters are maintained exactly, independent of sample resistance
  • Pulse times in the µs range minimize damage caused to eukaryotic cells
  • Gentler hypoosmolar buffer system increases transfection efficiency
  • RS 232 interface for data printout
Technical Specifications, Multiporator for eukaryotes

Area of application: Electroporation of mammalian and plant cells
Pulse voltage: 20–1,200 V
Time constant: 15–500 µs, in 5 µs increments
Pulse form: Exponentially diminishing
Multiple pulsing: 1–99, with 1 min. time interval
Cuvettes: Sterile; gap width: 1 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm
Buffer: Hypo- and isoosmolar electroporation buffer; sterile,
mycoplasm- and pyrogen-free
Technical Specifications, Bacteria and Eukaryotic module

Area of application: Electroporation of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeasts, and eukaryotic cells
Pulse voltage: 200–2,500 V
Pulse form: Exponentially diminishing
Time constant: 5 ms (nominal)
Resistance: 600 Ohm
Capacitor: 10 µF
Special feature: Electronic safety switch for eliminating short-circuits
Ordering Information, Multiporator and Electroporator

Description Catalog No.
Multiporator, for eukaryotes, 100–240 V; 50/60 Hz 4308 000.015
Multiporator for eukaryotes, bacteria and yeast 4308 000.023